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Your new puppy has been on a vaccination program, supervised by my veterinarian.  


We do stand behind our puppies and offer a 1 year genetic health guarantee for any puppy that is sold.


Every precaution has been taken to see that you new pet is healthy. Please take this pet to your veterinarian within 48 hours of the time of sale to verify its health. If he tells you that your pup has worms, parasites or ear mites, he will also prescribe a simple treatment. Normally, this consists of a few pills given over a one to seven day period. These are minor problems and are only serious if they go untreated. If your pet is found to be unsound, you may return it to the seller within 48 hours of the time of sale for a refund or replacement. If a refund is preferred, only the purchase price of the puppy will be refunded. We will replace the puppy, providing a licensed veterinarian certifies in writing of a life threatening medical problem within 1 year of the date of purchase. The only limitation of this guarantee is that the pup not be hurt or killed due to an accident, while in your possession. No guarantee will be made as to size, disposition, conformation or breeding capability---only GOD decides that!!! Seller will not be liable for any expenses incurred concerning this pet. This pet is represented only as stated in the above contract. This contract supercedes all other contracts both verbal and/or written. This pet is represented as pet quality.   

Pack's Pups assumes no liability for injury or death of a puppy while in the possession of any party other than those persons working for or acting as an authorized agent for Pack's Pups Kennel. 

Your new pet has been eating  Nutrisource puppy food.  Try to continue to feed this to prevent stomach upset. To change your pet's diet, do so gradually. If your pet doesn't eat, vomits, has diarrhea or appears weak, contact your veterinarian immediately. DON'T WAIT.


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