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I would love to hear from anyone that has purchased a puppy from us throughout the years.  We love hearing about how your new puppy is adjusting to its new home and family.  Thank you so much everyone that has left a comment... 

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Reply Heidi Eichman
5:35 PM on September 12, 2017 
I have tried several times to register and sign in, however it always goes to approval message. Please let me know what I can do to fix this.
Reply Tasha Thayer
7:02 AM on July 26, 2017 
Hey Nancy need to speak with yah & ask about a dog we did businesses i the past and maybe you can help me. TY
Reply Jeff Johnson
5:08 PM on June 23, 2017 
My husband works with a guy who got a boston terrior bulldog from you. He knows we are looking and have not had any luck finding any left for sale. He told my husband all about you. We are in need of a puppy if you have none now when might you have some?
Reply dana
5:11 PM on May 9, 2017 
I bought a Yorkie from you 10 years ago. Cody was from Celeste and Ricky's litter. He's doing so well. Getting old, but we love him so. Are you still breeding Yorkies? Would love to know for future reference. I'm also having trouble gaining access to your site. Please let me know how to sign in!
Reply Mike Schwerin
9:09 PM on April 21, 2017 
We purchased Max our Shitzu , 13 years ago. He finally died of lung cancer and was put to sleep mercifully. Thank You for the years of love our dog gave us. Maybe one day we will purchase another Shitzu. Thank You, Michael Schwerin in Redwood City, Ca.
Reply Candy Green
6:22 PM on April 20, 2017 
We got chihuahua from you tiny little Ricco who we renamed Freddy He is adorable the biggest baby with eyes that look like he has eye liner on. He is sure a sweet little guy. He is a forever member of our family. Thank You
Reply Dan Claflin
6:24 PM on March 7, 2017 
Hoping you can help with log in credentials. We purchased two pugs from you 11 years ago and they are the best dogs we've ever owned. We are thinking of adding 2 more pugs tot he family and was hoping you might have some in the spring
Reply Melodie Nozicka
11:59 AM on December 30, 2016 
I am having difficulty registering to be a member of your sight. Can you please give me some guidance or reset this so I can try again?

Thanks, Melodie
Reply Mary
10:31 PM on December 17, 2016 
Hello Nancy!
I bought a female pug from you last winter and I adore her. She's super healthy and very friendly! I recently signed up for your website so I can continue to look at your pups, but it doesn't seem to work. I'm really hoping you can help me out as I am hoping to adopt another pup from you in the future. Happy holidays!
Reply Sharon Karnes
9:36 AM on December 14, 2016 
We have always been Lab lovers, but decided now that we are older we would get a small dog. We just love our little cockapoo we purchased from you 3 months ago. He is so much fun and smart, but spoiled beyond Sometimes wish we had taken his brother too..