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Jerome and I have lived in the Wood River, NE area all of our lives and our children have all settled here also. We have always loved animals and this seems to be just the perfect thing for us as we edge toward our senior years. Jerome worked as a concrete contractor until retirement and now we are both full time with the dogs and their puppies. It is a job that never seems like a job---a joy to work with the dogs everyday.

We have a nursery with cameras in the delivering area so that we can view the mommies that are getting ready to deliver on a monitor in the house. When she is in labor, one of us stays with her for the entire process, so we can quickly help them if any problems arise. It seems like our dogs prefer the graveyard shift for delivery, either way we are there for each and every puppy. There is nothing more satisfying then to help someone pickout the perfect pet for their home and family. Contact Us... [email protected] 



We started our kennel in 1986 with 8 dogs. We quickly decided that we wanted to get into several different breeds and could not agree on the breeds so each of us settled for a few of our favorites. We now raise several breeds. Our 3 sons got to help with the chores while they were home---maybe that is why they moved out as soon as they were out of school. Thankfully, our oldest son has joined us in the business.  We did appreciate the help that they gave us and they appreciated the extra spending money that they would earn.



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